Industry Insights: Life Insurance Awareness Month Edition

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, so for this edition of Industry Insights, we will be providing links to some of the best LIAM content and resources from around the web. Similar to our Financial Friday Round-Up posts, below is a collection of webpages where you will find everything you need to celebrate LIAM, from social media post templates to downloadable flyers to useful responses to client questions.

Life Happens: Life Insurance Awareness Month is Now

Life Happens is at the forefront of the Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign, and there is no better jumping-off point for resources than their own LIAM page. This year’s theme is “Reality Check” in a year where a pandemic has provided sobering proof of the need to talk about life insurance now more than ever. Use this page for unique resources to share with clients, such as videos, graphics, social media cover photos, and flyers.

LIMRA: Life Insurance Awareness Month

LIMRA conducts surveys and other research into the insurance industry and consumers’ relationships with insurance. This gives them a unique position during LIAM and their page is essential for insight into the state of the industry this September. For example, their research reveals that 46% of Americans are uninsured today, even as the pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives. Use this page for research reports like LIMRA’s Facts About Life and other campaign resources that keep you well-informed on the industry.

Life Insurance Awareness Month: What Employers Need to Know

This post from Benefits Pro focuses on the many advantages of including group life insurance policies in an employer’s benefits package. LIAM resources tend to be directed toward individuals and families, making resources directed toward employers all the more essential, especially in the wake of this year’s toll on the public’s work life. Use this page to brush up on the best way to approach employers about setting up group life insurance.

Shareable Content for Agents

North American has set up this webpage — similar to our own back-office version — where you can access social media posts, blog content, videos, flyers, and other tools to bolster your social media presence in September and help you expand your reach to clients and prospects about life insurance.

'Call It Love Insurance': Life Insurance Awareness Month 2020 Begins

Think Advisor wrote this informative article on LIAM that brings together statistics, outreach efforts, and social media engagement to give a fuller picture of the movement. This piece contains many useful facts on life insurance as well as links to social engagement and Twitter conversations like the #liam20chats thread.

Why Life Insurance is More Important than Ever

Modern Woodmen is providing a unique LIAM resource this year that lays out different ways you can address the public’s perceptions about life insurance — perceptions like, “It’s too expensive,” and “I’m too young to need it.” For each of these beliefs, the article provides the reality of the situation and a recommendation for how best to respond, making this a creative way to celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month by correcting the public record.