How Entrepreneurs Thrive in Uncertain Times

At the beginning of 2020, entrepreneurship probably felt like big risk for those who dreamed of owning their own business. Now, after months of a global pandemic, those same people may feel becoming an entrepreneur is downright impossible. Surprisingly, this line of thinking is simply not true; in fact, this may be a better time to start a business than even before the pandemic — especially if you have a system to follow and the right team to support you.

Big economic downturns have historically caused a growth in entrepreneurship, and it is often those very businesses that end up driving the new economy. It is also never too late to strike out on your own — studies out of Duke University, Northwestern, and other institutions have found that 40 years old is the average age for those who start their first business — and, surprisingly, these uncertain times might be one of the best times for you to follow that instinct.

Economic downturns have historically caused a growth in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship in Changing Economies

The highest earners in this country are entrepreneurs. Owning a business of your own is practically the only way to reach an unlimited income. All you need is an idea and something people want and you can weather even the worst economic times.

In fact, history shows that entrepreneurship thrives during recessions. In 2009, the Kaufman Foundation found that a little over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 started their companies in a bear market or recession — the most recent being the housing crisis of 2008, when many who faced unemployment found success starting the tech companies found on almost every phone today, including Uber and Instagram.

This could be because entrepreneurship allows people to be flexible in times of crisis and gives them room to pivot as consumer demands change. Think of the rise of Zoom: as offices close and working from home becomes the new normal, teleconferencing software has seen a huge spike in demand, and its owners have benefited. Etsy has also seen record sales during the pandemic, proving that creativity and perseverance can overcome tougher times.

Life insurance has also remained in demand in 2020. For many, the global pandemic has highlighted the need for financial security and the peace of mind that comes from understanding the policies that protect their families. Seizing this opportunity is easier than one might think, especially with a broker like First Financial Security that makes entrepreneurship achievable.

Over 50% of the fortune 500 started in a bear market.

Own a Business Without the Burden

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is building your momentum: there are unforeseen costs on your path to independence, and entrepreneurship involves a steep learning curve. You have to learn how to build a team to help you administer your service, how to market your business to reach your audience of consumers, and how to maintain the type of technology that will make your business accessible in a digital world.

Our mission is to help people achieve the freedoms of owning a business while easing the burdens experienced in the beginning. FFS allows people from communities not usually represented in the insurance industry to learn along the way without the fear of failure.

As 2020 has progressed, we have seen a change in what consumers need and what types of industries will likely endure. People will always need financial security and peace of mind, and uncertain times will always need entrepreneurs to build the economy of the future. Do not let this year discourage you — with the right tools and a proven system, you will find that entrepreneurship holds no limit to your success.

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