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Every Client Needs to Know About their Annuity Options

COVID-19 has brought the world into an unprecedented economic phase and it is more important than ever to ensure your clients that you can protect their financial security — and any financial plan you propose is incomplete without the mention of their annuity options. Annuities are generally left out of the conversation because they can…
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COVID-19 Resources – How to Adapt Your Business

For four weeks now, businesses and employees across the country have been doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing. Employers have been forced to adapt quickly to this operational shift as people transition to meeting with clients virtually and working from home. FFS has put together a list of resources…
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Death Benefits Designed For Your Life

Life insurance is a crucial component of a healthy financial strategy. While thinking about what happens once you leave this world is never pleasant, planning and providing for your loved ones can ease your mind and help you focus on living. What is an insurance policy? A life insurance policy is a contract between the...Read…
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