Four Keys to Staying Motivated in Uncertain Times

If you have had trouble staying motivated this year, you are not alone. Luckily, there are some simple habits you can form to help yourself stay focused, find energy, and get some good work done. Here are four keys to finding your daily motivation:

1. Build the Right Routines and Habits

Our minds benefit from having a way to structure the day. Wake up at the same time to keep your sleep schedule healthy and regular. Start the day with a cup of tea or a few moments to just enjoy the morning, settling your mind before diving into work. Then, start work at roughly the same time every day. This establishes a rhythm that helps you focus your attention. Be sure to rest your brain by taking breaks, like going for a run or walking the dog, ideally at a similar time each day. Knowing what to expect and when to expect it can ease stress and help you keep your energy up.

“Start the day with a cup of tea or a few moments to just enjoy the morning. Then, start work at the same time every day.”

2. Take Care of Your Mind.

Nagging thoughts and negative emotions can really sap your energy and focus. Our brains have a bias toward negativity. This means if you accomplish nine goals but fail at one, your brain tends to focus on the goal you missed. Being mindful of this tendency can give you the power to refocus on the things you do accomplish throughout the day.

Reward yourself when you accomplish things to relieve this stress and negativity. Make free time and honor it — give yourself breaks to keep your brain healthy and stop yourself from burning out. Meditate or do yoga if you need help getting centered or staying positive. It helps to have a brain free from doubts, and these techniques control distracting thoughts and help increase your focus.

3. Use Technology to Your Advantage.

While phones are often a source of distraction, they can also be one of our most helpful tools. Do not shy away from using apps and software to help you set goals and improve your mental health. The more interactive they are, the more they can improve your brain. Here are some free apps to start you out:

ThinkUp helps you motivate yourself by giving you daily encouragement through positive affirmations and teaching you strategies for self-talk.

Fabulous teaches you how to build and track good daily habits. The app contains a library of resources to help you achieve focus, meditation, and relaxation during the day.

Strides is a smart goal tracker that helps you write your goals every day. It also keeps them well-organized with tools like charts, reminders, and target dates.

4. Talk to Others by Attending Virtual Events

Stress can also come from too much alone time. It is important to talk to other people if only to take a break from our thoughts. Listening to others reduces anxiety, helps us see a bigger picture, and rejuvenates us for when we sit down to work again. Motivation thrives in group settings. Ideally, this comes from gathering at FFS events to talk and encourage each other. This year may be different, but physical distancing does not have to mean complete isolation. Our Future in Focus Virtual Conference (VC20)  accomplishes the same goal of communicating with others and building your energy as our Leaders Convention does. On Friday, October 2nd, and Saturday, October 3rd, we will hold four sessions that will let you learn from field and Home Office leaders and increase your motivation through engagement with other agents. Don’t miss this chance to focus — register today!

"Motivation thrives in group settings. Our virtual conference on October 2nd – 3rd can give you the energy you need to find focus!”

Focus on the Big Picture

At the end of the day, motivation comes from doing meaningful work that feels rewarding and important to you. Having a routine and staying healthy will take you a long way, but the foundation comes from remembering why you are working in the first place. If you are feeling burnt out, reflect on why you do this work, whether it’s the flexibility, the unlimited income, or the pride that comes from running your own business. You can also find motivation in the bigger picture — we do this to help our clients protect their legacy, safeguard their wealth, and provide for their families.

For more information, read our previous posts on thriving in uncertain times and mental health resources during isolation.

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