Financial Friday Round-Up: October 4 – October 9

Every week, our Financial Friday Round-Up compiles the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance on the web. The articles below include a round-up of retirement podcasts, a list of 25 thriving small business owners, how to prepare your financial information for when you die, and more.

How to Prepare Your Financial Information for When You Die

“I think this is one of the most important financial tasks that any individual, retired or otherwise, should tackle—spelling out “last instructions” if you become incapacitated or die. In doing so, you spare your family much work and heartache.” This is the opening line of this piece from the Wall Street Journal on how to start organizing your accounts and estate for when you pass away. In an industry based around preparing for the future, this is an essential read.

How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

Advice on building your credit often focuses on timely payments and account balances, but this primer from Money helps you determine how many cards you should be holding by first asking questions like “How good am I with my current credit cards?” and “What perks am I looking for?” From there, the piece helps you determine just how many cards you should be carrying to optimize your credit score.

7 Must-Listen Retirement Podcasts That Aren’t About Money

This handy Kiplinger list provides listening recommendations for the 20% of U.S. podcast listeners over the age of 55. Not all of retired life is about money, and these podcasts are great ways to spend your free time in retirement.

Survivors and Thrivers: 25 Small Business Standouts

Forbes debuted a great profile this week of businesses they call “Survivors and Thrivers,” or 25 small companies which have been navigating the challenges of 2020 in unique and powerful ways. These entrepreneurs represent the hope that comes from owning a business and shows that strength comes from the ability to adapt to change.

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