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What if I Want to Buy Life Insurance for My Parents?

There’s a candid conversation we all have to have with our parents at some point in our lives regarding things like long term care, overall finances, outstanding debt, and the amount of savings they have. It may feel awkward, but it’s best to have this conversation sooner rather than later, particularly to find out if…
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Four Benefits of Using a Financial Expert

If you’ve never considered it, you ought to know the many benefits of checking in with a financial expert. While it may seem like your finances aren’t complex enough to make consulting a professional worth it, having someone you trust to help you meet your financial goals can make it worth it. Spending money to…
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Should You Be Happy With Group Life Insurance?

When you get a new job, you’re going to have to answer a lot of questions right off the bat. What’s your direct deposit information? Are you going to join the dental or vision plans? Which slot would you like on the kitchen duty roster? Chances are you’ll be asked how much life insurance you’d…
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Setting Financial Goals Today Can Lead to a More Secure Future

It’s important to be SMART when it comes to setting financial goals. It’s the key to creating a successful and secure future. I think most people would likely agree that we all have goals in life. Ask how they’re achieving those goals, and you might learn why so many people play the lottery. Wishful thinking…
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How Life Insurance Protects in Life and Death

Understanding how life insurance protects in life and death is the first step in creating a strong financial strategy for you and your family’s future. In simpler times, families relied on retirement plans, defined benefit plans or social security in times of need. Today, the economy has changed and there’s a strong push to become…
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The 7 Habits of Financially Successfully Women

Taking responsibility for personal finances is only one of seven habits that financially successful women follow. Isn’t it time you incorporated these habits into your financial strategy? Financial success doesn’t occur by chance. It’s something that you consciously work toward every day and a process that takes time. It’s not one particular act of saving…
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Do You Know When to Call Your Financial Representative?

When life throws you a curve, who are you going to call? It’s your trusted financial representative. Life happens. Whether it’s a marriage or divorce, career changes, or an unexpected illness, all are part and parcel of day-to-day life. Each one can impact your finances. Should you experience a life event, would you know when…
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