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The Best Ways to Manage Student Loans in a Financial Crisis

As many Americans wonder how they can pay off their debts in the wake of COVID-19, this pandemic has highlighted the importance of educating ourselves on what happens to student loans in a financial crisis. With college’s ballooning costs, 14.4% of adults holding some form of college debt and 54% of current college attendees taking out…
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Keeping Your Team Healthy: Mental Health Resources for Isolation

At FFS, we strive to bring peace of mind to families through financial security, but we also value peace of mind for our agents during uncertain times. For that, we’ve put together some mental resources for isolation. Naturally, stress and anxiety levels rose for almost everyone when social distancing began , but also there’s never a bad time…
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How to Prioritize Your Debt in a Crisis

Unfortunately, payments and bills are still due even if you’ve experienced financial hardship in the wake of COVID-19. Debt management looks a little different during a crisis, but the essentials are still there — avoid late payments, put down as much as you can afford, and focus on certain debts over others. Crisis situations are…
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COVID-19 Resources – How to Adapt Your Business

For four weeks now, businesses and employees across the country have been doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing. Employers have been forced to adapt quickly to this operational shift as people transition to meeting with clients virtually and working from home. FFS has put together a list of resources…
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The Five Most Common Questions About Identity Theft

In this week’s Focus on YOUR Money, we covered the dangers of identity theft. Here’s everything you need to know in five common questions: Why would somebody steal my identity? People live a good portion of their lives online now, and thieves have adapted accordingly. These criminals can now find identifying information online like your…
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Now is the Time to Get Life Insurance

COVID-19 has changed our world dramatically over the past few weeks, altering lifestyles and sparking many to take action. People are quickly buying toilet paper, soap, food—even life insurance. The latter, at least, is a great idea. With only 57% of Americans owning life insurance in 2019, many families should be getting covered as soon…
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Industry Insights

With market volatility and growing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, people aren’t just hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer, they are also buying life insurance in record numbers. The need for life insurance has suddenly become clear to Americans and the insurance industry is here to help. Here are a few updates on the insurance…
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