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How Entrepreneurs Thrive in Uncertain Times

At the beginning of 2020, entrepreneurship probably felt like big risk for those who dreamed of owning their own business. Now, after months of a global pandemic, those same people may feel becoming an entrepreneur is downright impossible. Surprisingly, this line of thinking is simply not true; in fact, this may be a better time…
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Understanding the Hidden Costs of Home Buying

Buying a house can be daunting, but it can also be exciting if  you come in prepared and understand the hidden costs of home buying. This is no decision to take too lightly, and you will want to do months of planning and research beforehand. Beginners may think buying a house stops at budgeting for…
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How to Reduce the Hidden Costs of Car Buying

It can be tempting to budget for your next vehicle based on the price of the car, but there are a lot of hidden costs of car buying. From maintenance fees to the costs of registration to more costly insurance, it can be surprising how much more you pay to keep those wheels on the…
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Industry Insights

While COVID-19 has shown little sign of slowing in America in the past few months and the market remains volatile, one sector that has stayed relatively stable has been that of life insurance. High demand for coverage continues. Companies maintain social distancing standards by offering virtual applications. The most significant changes since our last update…
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How to File Taxes as an Independent Contractor

Filing taxes for independent contractors can be a very different process than filing for employees. Contractors must pay a self-employment tax as well as income tax. Here’s what you need to know to file as an independent contractor: Follow the Guidelines for Filing as Self-Employed For IRS Purposes, independent contractors file as Self-Employed, which makes…
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The Best Ways to Manage Student Loans in a Financial Crisis

As many Americans wonder how they can pay off their debts in the wake of COVID-19, this pandemic has highlighted the importance of educating ourselves on what happens to student loans in a financial crisis. With college’s ballooning costs, 14.4% of adults holding some form of college debt and 54% of current college attendees taking out…
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